Alda and Maria

MACAAL Cine-club #6

Wednesday 26 June, 2019, 7 pm
French Institute of Marrakech

On Wednesday 26 June at 7pm, the Institut Français Marrakech and MACAAL will be screening the Angolan film Alda and Maria as part of the MACAAL Cine-club.

Film director : Pocas Pascoal
With : Ciomara Morais, Chella Lima, Willion Branda
Type : Drama
Language : French
Duration : 1h34
Location : Leila Alaoui cinema, Institut français Marrakech


Synopsis :

Lisbon, summer 1980. Two sisters aged sixteen and seventeen come from Angola to escape war. Alone, Alda and Maria will have to learn to survive without money in a grey and polluted suburb of this foreign city. With the complicity of other Angolans, the two teenage girls organized themselves into a precarious existence. This exile will teach them to choose their destiny by becoming strong and dignified women…