Open Studio: M’hammed Kilito

Thursday 31 October 2019, 6 – 8 pm 

MACAAL Residence – Free access

In residence since 2 September, the Moroccan photographer M’hammed Kilito opens the doors of MACAAL Residence’s research and production space on Thursday 31 October to share with the public his artistic practice and his current project, Portrait of a Generation.

M’hammed Kilito is interested in the small details of the everyday life that document the actual Morocco. Through his work, he explores, questions and tries to understand the societal transformations taking place in his country. His photographs, often scenes and fragments of the everyday life, highlight in a sensitive and critical way deep divisions on subjects such as social cleavages, heritage, migration, identity and social determinist. His approach testifies to the photographer’s humanistic view of the reality that surrounds him.

M’hammed Kilito, Abdellah, Aït Blal, Portrait of a Generation series, 2019

During his residency at MACAAL, M’hammed Kilito focused on the situation of young people in rural areas. His photographs sketch the portrait of disoriented and disoriented Moroccans. Cut off from the rest of the world, they are in a precarious position, affected by higher unemployment rates than their urban compatriots, inadequate – if any – training opportunities and a lack of promising opportunities.

Who are they? How are they living it? What are their frustrations? What are they dreaming of? These are the four essential questions to which the photographer has set the objective of answering through a photographic wandering in the countryside and villages of Morocco.