Trópico Entrópico

Live performance
In partnership with the On Marche festival

24 June 2020, 5 pm (Morocco)

The activation of Felipe Arturo’s work closed the exhibition HAVE YOU SEEN A HORIZON LATELY? in a spectacular way.

In the context of our exhibition HAVE YOU SEEN A HORIZON LATELY?, we were pleased to e-invite you to a unique performance on Wednesday, June 24 on Instagram Live. Under the artistic Direction of Taoufiq Izeddiou (director of the On Marche Festival), dancer Salma Sadeq activated Felipe Arturo’s site specific installation Trópico Entrópico on display at MACAAL.

© Ayoub El Bardii

About Trópico Entrópico

Trópico Entrópico is part of a series of works entitled Post-Colonial Floors which open a debate upon the process of acculturation.
For this sculpture in white and brown sugar, the artist takes inspiration from the pattern of a black and white mosaic created in the 19th century to evoke the Meeting of Waters near Manaus, in Brazil. At this confluence, the two streams whose waters are respectively ochre and black flow together without mixing for six kilometres. This anomaly well-known in South America, has become a metaphor for the cultural assimilation imposed by colonialism.
The choice of sugar is not random, as it refers to the principal motivation of colonial empires: the exploitation of natural resources. Fragile, interactive and evolutionary, the work proposes to “think of the colonisation of the American continent as a slow process of cultural entropy”. The white and brown sugars form separate, adjacent waves in a precarious equilibrium, creating a pattern that leads to evolution, mixing and homogenisation over the course of the exhibition. Indeed, for Felipe Arturo, the work is complete when its geometric order has been transformed by the public.

Felipe Arturo, Trópico Entrópico, 2020
© Omar Tajmouati

About Felipe Arturo

Felipe Arturo studied both art and architecture, and completed his training in the studio of Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, known for her in situ installations and interventions in the public space. This experience proved significant, motivating him to develop memory devices to explore the natural and cultural processes of assimilation and hybridisation, issued from the history of colonialism. At the intersection of urbanism, architecture and visual art, the multidisciplinary body of work (installation, sculpture, video) that he has developed is an unexpected and poetic association of modern forms and materials with artisanal techniques and natural materials.
His creations have been presented in international art events, including: The Happiness of Objects, Sculpture Center, New York (2007); Now, Transformation Spaces, Casa del Lago de Ciudad, Mexico (2009); Beyond the Supersquare, Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York (2014). The artist has also held solo exhibitions in many international art fairs: Arco Madrid (2011); Art Basel Miami Beach (2012); ArtBo Bogota (2013); FIAC, Paris (2017).

About the On Marche festival

Taoufiq Izeddiou is choreographer and the founder of the association and the On Marche festival which was created in 2005.
Today, this international event is the most lively and popular festival of contemporary dance in Morocco.
Original creations, performances, conferences, screenings, dance workshops, workshops awareness raising work with the public, On Marche has given another vision to contemporary dance which has brought it closer to the public. By the creativity of its programs from one edition to another, by the richness of the choices of international and Moroccan dancers and by providing free shows, On Marche is an essential festival on the cultural scene of Marrakech and Morocco. The work accomplished has also given birth to the Nafass dance school.
In 2020, On Marche celebrates its 15th anniversary and will host the Biennale of Dance in Africa from 20 to 28 March 2021 in Marrakech.