La Revue – Leila Alaoui


Published on October 2020
Available in newsstands, France

The Fondation Alliances supported the publication of La Revue – Leila Alaoui, the first publication offering an overview of the work of the photographer Leila Alaoui.

Franco-Moroccan photographer and video artist Leila Alaoui (1982-2016) died in an attack in Ouagadougou while reporting for Amnesty International. Her committed and humanistic work is regularly published and exhibited around the world.

Produced in partnership with the Leila Alaoui Foundation, this album presents all aspects of the artist’s work: photo-reportage, video, visual photography.

La Revue – Leila Alaoui is a reference publication, in which many specialists have participated: Paul Ardenne, Simon Njami, Bruno Rotival and Guillaume de Sardes. Each has dealt with a part of Leila Alaoui’s work. Introduction texts by Jack Lang, Serge Lutens, Jean-Luc Monterosso and Fouad Elkoury.

Available in newsstands (France).