L’empreinte de mes rêves

(Traces of my Dreams)
Ahmed Chiha
December 2020 – October 2021

Cultural space – Fondation Alliances
16, rue Ali Abderrazak, 20100 Casablanca
Opening days: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6:30pm
Free access

For its inauguration, Fondation Alliances presents L’empreinte de mes rêves (Traces of my Dreams), a personal exhibition that reveals the work of Ahmed Chiha, a self-taught Moroccan artist.

Ahmed Chiha draws inspiration from the earth and from mysticism to create works inhabited by different worlds and marvellous characters. Chiha’s art is imbued with his professional inclination as a gardener as well as his spiritual quest, expressed through diverse mediums such as leather, ceramic, and bamboo.

Ahmed Chiha, Couleurs de la transe (Colours of the trance), 2017. Acrylic on animal skin, 45 cm diameter © Ayoub El Bardii

The work of Ahmed Chiha reveals a clever blend of ancestral inspiration, modern technique, and contemporary vision. The artist paints using industrial pigments. His representations – at times abstract, at times figurative – are no more than a series of tiny dots composed of soft, shimmering colours. In his paintings, delicate agglomerations of colour create forms that allow the materiality of the medium to pierce through.

Vaguely anthropomorphic and zoomorphic, or hybrid, creatures appear within a spiral that seems to generate form. Suspended at the centre of the surface’s blank face, these archaic-like spirits turn slowly upon themselves, as time stands still. Ahmed Chiha offers us a glimpse of a world that is as mysterious as it is invisible

Discovered nearly 5 years by Othman Lazraq, Director of Fondation Alliances and President of MACAAL, Ahmed Chiha has since received support and guidance in his artistic process by the staff teams of Fondation Alliances and of MACAAL. Presenting in the context of the E-MOIS, autobiography of a collection and Esoteric Writings, the works of Ahmed Chiha met with great success among international audiences, and indeed his work has integrated the MACAAL and the Fondation Alliances permanent collections. L’empreinte de mes rêves, the artist’s first solo exhibition, presents to the audience a selection of works created over the past five years.